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November 23, 2017

As a pro triathlete, I am consistently putting my body under stress, 5-6 hours a day in training. I believe supplements change the way I recover and help me keep pushing my body day in and day out. There is no escape from the pounding in my joints and muscles, so I need to take extra care of my body to prevent any injury and also to prolong my sporting career.


I choose Nutritech / Endurade as they are not only one of my sponsors but I believe that they have a wide range of variety in there supplements which are great quality to help achieve these goals. The variety is endless, from Vitamins and minerals to different types of protein and sports nutrition.


I will now take you through the vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition I use on a daily basis to keep my body fueled and pushing to new highs every day.

I start my day with an anti-oxidant, mixed berry smoothie with coconut milk and good fats. I pump this smoothie up with 5x capsules of Nutritech BCAA 4000 (I open the caps up and pour the powder in), 3x capsules (opened) of Nutritech Joint support. I also add in 20g (1 & a half scoops) of Whey Protein Isolate and 5g (1 & a half flat scoops) of Glu-Taurine. I also take 2x Nutritech softgel Omega 3-6-9 with my breakfast. Now I am set for my first training session of the day.



My sports nutrition varies in all 3 disciplines and I like to mix things up. When I train at an endurance level and my heart rate is low I like to take in the Amino Boost 2.0, 1 scoop per bottle. If I trained and the intensity was high in a certain discipline then I use Endurade sports drink with 1 scoop per bottle and this is also my go to race day sports drink. If I feel I need a caffeine boost I use Endurade sprint, 1 scoop per bottle. I also use Endurade Sprint in the later stages of the bike ride in my race to get me ready to start my run. I also never leave the door without an Endurade Raw bar in the back of my pocket while on a long training cycle.


Within 20min after my work out, I use 2 scoops of the chocolate Endurade Recovery Milk as part of my recovery process for my next session.

I have a good meal, for eg . Eggs, Bacon, Avocado and cheese or a nice salad with good protein and fats.

The same thing applies to my 2nd or 3rd session of the day with regards to my nutrition during the workout.

After my last training session of the day I will mix in my shaker bottle 2x scoops of Nutritech Isolate swiss vanilla flavour and again I will open 5x Nutritech BCAA 4000, 5g (1 & a half scoop) of Glu-Taurine and 2x Nutritech joint support capsules into the mix with milk or water with a few ice blocks. 


Before bed and after my dinner I will take my last Nutritech softgel Omega 3-6-9 and CLA 1000. By now my body is now replenished with great nutrition to help my muscles repair themselves over night in preparation for tomorrows training.


May this help with your performance gains!

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