Raleigh 70.3 Race Report

June 10, 2014

I have just started my US trip and in the first race I do, this happens…


I was very excited to kick off my US race schedule in Raleigh 70.3. (Suffering from slight jet lag but nothing to worry about) my bike had arrived safely with me and I was ready to race! I had not had a chance to cycle or drive the route so I didn’t actually know what to expect.


I started the swim feeling heavy, out of breath and of out of swim shape, but I came out the swim 8th knowing I would have to put foot on the bike to move to the front bike pack. As I came out the water I was about 10 seconds behind Paul Ambrose and Timo Bracht, after a quick transition I had to make time up to get to them on the bike.  It took me 30 minutes, suffering from cramps in my glutes to finally catch them (first time I have ever had cramps in my glutes after a swim) and I was very relieved to have finally caught them.  After 10 minutes with them on the bike we came towards a sharp left hand corner at 25km.  I saw a policeman and an orange beacon in the road making the corner much sharper and narrower, I didn’t realise it was as sharp as it was and knew there was no time to slow down ….I had 2 thoughts rush through my mind, 1. Break and hope I would not skid out and wipe out around the corner or 2. go for a little off road biking adventure on my TT bike…..Yes I thought option 2 was a far better idea so off I went crashing down the hill (practising my technical skills) hit a huge whole and burst my front tire.  Holding on for dear life going down the hill then my chain came off and got caught between the crank and frame. I waited 22 minutes for the support vehicle to arrive with a 10ml allen key…..I knew this was the end of my race, but I got back on the road and started again. By the end of the bike my legs were tired, I had given it all I had but thought I can’t just give in and pull out so I got into T2 and got my run on.


My legs felt heavy running out of transition so thought I would tone it down and just keep a good rhythm. I ended up running with Lindsey Corbin from kilometre 5 and gave her encouragement fighting her way from 5th to 2nd position till the finish.


Even though this race didn’t go as plan and I wasn’t expecting to have an off road bike session I am looking forward to my next race on 8th June 2014 Eagleman 70.3.


Thank you to all my sponsors for your support throughout this race and also after the race (after my crash).





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