Eagleman 70.3 Race Report

June 10, 2014

Eagleman 70.3 is my second race I have done in 2 weeks.  In Raleigh 70.3, last weekend I had a crash off road and didn’t have a great finish, but at least I crossed the finish line in one piece.  I was set out to make Eagleman 70.3 my new beginning and kick off my US trip the right way, with a new positive outlook.  


I felt really good for the training I had done so far. I have not started on my speed work just yet so I was slightly nervous about the hard core line ready to race against me. I tried to put that at the back of my head and just race my own race.  I had a race plan, and I think it played out well.


We were allowed to check our bikes in on race morning and got the call for a non-wetsuit swim, thank goodness I had a backup tri suit and my TYR swim skin with me as I did have the feeling while training that it was far too warm in a wetsuit. I had awesome swim start being right up there with the lead guys, and after about 300 meters they pulled open a gap and I couldn’t hold the pace.  I managed to find another 2 swimmers and we swam the course together.  Exiting the water was a tricky one and something I have never done before in a race.  The water came below our knees so we had to stand, dive repeat, stand, dive repeat.

As I left T1 I superman jumped onto my bike, like I do at every race, and this time my seat decided to drop 20mm, I kept riding and found a group of 4 riders.  We stayed in this pack for the entire ride averaging speeds of 42.5km/ph. It was the fastest bike ride I have ever done in a race.


T2 went very smoothly, I wasted no time putting on socks which made a quick transition. My pace was really fast and after 2 km a looked at my watch and saw I was averaging 3.25per km.  I felt really comfortable at this speed and maintained it for another 5km.  When I got to the turnaround I had counted that I was in 7th position.  Running back towards town I had made another pass and knew I had to keep this speed as I didn’t want anyone else catching me. 


With 2km left to go, I was tired and relieved to see the finish line and hear the welcome home music.  I crossed the finish line in 6th position. Had to go to medical to mend huge blisters on both feet that had bled into my shoes, but have recovered well over night with the ointment they used, ready to start my run training on Wednesday.          


Off to Boulder, Colorado tomorrow.  I cant wait to start training for Ironman Lake Placid.



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